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5 incredible tips to use face oil

5 incredible tips to use face oil

A nourishing BEING Winter Face Oil is one of the skincare essentials during the cold winter months! But do you know how to maximize the effectiveness of face oil and get twice the results with half the effort? 

Here are some brilliant beauty tips:

1. Apply to damp skin

Skincare moisturizing

To ensure perfect application, always apply BEING Winter Face Oil to damp skin. For a nourishing boost, hydrate skin with a natural toner, rose water or witch hazel before applying face oil.

2. Target key areas (not only the face, but also any dry spots!)

Woman long hair

Use 1-2 drops of BEING Face Oil anywhere on your body as a concentrated treatment, including your hair, cuticles, scars and stretch marks.

3. Apply at night

Night moonlight

For an extra potent effect, apply face oils at night. Your skin cells regenerate at a higher rate while you sleep, so the nourishing properties will support cell turnover.


4. Use a gua sha

Gua Sha

Apply BEING Winter Face Oil before rituals such as gua sha - this helps the tool glide over the skin, leaving it toned, firm and glowing. 


5. Blend with your favourite natural ingredients

Face oil dropperHoney

Mix 1-2 drops of BEING Winter Face Oil with other natural ingredients such as avocado, oats and honey to create a potent face mask.

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