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5 reasons to use Face Oils

5 reasons to use Face Oils

When it comes to moisturizing the skin, moisturizer or mask is always the first thing pop into our minds. While both skincare products are important in their own right, the most commonly overlooked product in many skincare routines is face oil. It is the one product that can actually solve your skin issues (every skin type), while giving you the bright and glowy face of your dreams. (Yes! Even in the summer!)

5 reasons why you should use face oils 

1. Facial oils help balance your skin

Unlike moisturisers, face oils feed and care for your skin microbiome rather than disrupting its natural balance. This promotes skin that is balanced, moisturised and blemish free. 

2. Face oils seal moisture in the skin and offer powerful nourishment

Face oils are anhydrous, i.e. they don’t contain any water, so you are getting a super concentrated dose of nourishment delivered straight to your skin. This also eliminates the need for any potentially harmful ingredients such as emulsifiers and preservatives.

3. Face oils are beyond multipurpose

Face oils will do wonders for your skin either as a stand alone or with other products in your cabinet. They can be worn under makeup, with other moisturisers and sun screen. You can think of them like a multivitamin for your face.

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4. Face oils work for every skin type

Believe it or not, all skin types and conditions can benefit from using face oil in your skincare routine. If you have oily or acne skin, it is easy to understand why you are hesitated about using face oils or other oil-based skincare products.. But when your skin is dehydrated, using face oil can rehydrate and smooth the skin and thus give the skin a healthy glow.. 

Besides, Face oils are perfect for sensitive or problematic skin as many botanical extracts contain soothing, anti-inflammatory properties to calm and nourish skin while protecting it from environmental stressors. 

5. BEING face oils protect skin with the most natural ingredients

BEING face oils only contain natural, active botanicals that are proven to transform, protect and care for skin. Many plants have seeds, leaves, flowers and fruits that contain an abundance of fats and nutrients which share a natural affinity with the skin. These extracts are proven to firm, smooth, tone, repair and balance all skin types. True plant magic!

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