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Extraordinary Women - Katrina PARKER & Justina EDWARDS

Extraordinary Women - Katrina PARKER & Justina EDWARDS

Katrina PARKER
Co-Founder & Creative Director

K: Katrina PARKER

C: How important is it for women to lift each other up and what does that mean to you?

K: I think it's imperative for women to empower other women in all facets of life – whether it be in business, throughout motherhood, or any other hobby or activity a woman may pursue. I strongly believe that if you surround yourself with a network of empowering women it helps to form a sense of community and feeling a part of a community is a human instinct that we all innately desire. I think that offering support and encouraging other women to chase their dreams is a very, very powerful and important thing. 

C: What barriers did you face, as a woman, to becoming successful in the current photography field? How did you overcome them?

K: I was fortunate enough to go into photography at a time where I personally have always felt encouraged and supported in my work as a woman. Therefore, there really haven’t been any noteworthy barriers that I have had to face in that regard. However, since becoming a mother I have definitely felt certain professional and personal barriers that have been very challenging to overcome. Being a commercial photographer and owning your own business is a very demanding role. It requires so much of your creative and emotional energy and many many long hours. When I became a mother, I struggled with the identity shift that comes with being a new mum and I feared that I was going to lose everything I had been building within my business. I absolutely love what I do for work and I didn't want that to change once I became a mother. It took me a very long time to find some kind of balance between the two. Looking at it in retrospect, I think that having my son has given me the clarity I needed around prioritising what’s important to me and to learn to be more gentle on myself. 


C: What is one piece of advice to all women who are juggling between home and work?

K: The juggle is tough and I’m in no way an expert on balance. If anything I'm still learning to navigate it myself. I think the hardest thing when you are a working mother is how unpredictable life can be with kids and how trying to achieve balance is near impossible. The things that have helped me on my journey and what I would suggest are.. listen to your intuition first and foremost, give yourself permission to take things slower when needed, make self-care a regular practice in your life and surround yourself with a support network of women who encourage and uplift you. I believe that if you are able to do these things, you will eventually find a flow that works.


C: What is your #ConsciusMoments?

K: Regularly get out in nature to reset and recharge. 


Co-Founder & Formulator

J: Justina EDWARDS

C: How important is it for women to lift each other up and what does that mean to you?

J: I was raised by a hard-working, independent mother and this has rubbed off on me in a big way. I am lucky to be surrounded by talented women and there's nothing I love more than cheering them on as they navigate their dreams. As much as there are lots of lovely talented men in the world, I still feel women have unique sets of challenges that they face. I believe it is super important to not only support other women but to tell honest stories about these challenges and how we can overcome them in order to achieve great things.


C: Have you encountered any challenges along the way on your journey to becoming a herbalist? 

J: The biggest challenge for me is that I am not a degree holding herbalist. I did start out that way, however a traumatic life event threw me off that course. It was a challenge that was a blessing in disguise (as they mostly are) as I was able to connect deeper with what I wanted to achieve with my passion for plant medicine, which is a focus on formulating and making herbal skincare. I soon realised that a degree was only one path to working with plants and have since enjoyed learning from many different herbalists from around the world, on an unconventional but ultimately more rewarding path.


C: What is your favourite thing about being a woman?

J: It's a hard task picking one thing! I love feminine energy, I love holding the honour to create life! You can't really top that. I love being a mother and cherish the relationships and bonds I get to experience with other women.    

C: What do you do to stay encouraged and motivated in both your daily life & work life?

J: I have done a lot of work in order to stay positive and motivated in all facets of my life. Life is never straight and narrow and I am thankful for the lessons I have learned along the way that have helped build resilience. I've learned that honouring your body through gentle movement, nourishing food and time in nature with friends and family ultimately brings the most reward. A little self-care time each day playing around with herbs and plant oils also does wonders. When all these are in balance, I feel like I can do anything.

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