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Extraordinary Woman - Melinda WONG

Extraordinary Woman - Melinda WONG

Melinda WONG

M: Melinda WONG

C: What defines beauty in a woman?

M: To me, character, intelligence, inner strength, passion and a kind heart defines the beauty of woman.  


C: Why do you enjoy working in the fashion industry?

M: Fashion for me is about creativity, a form of expression and communication, also a playful exercise of emotions, desires and dreams. And I think I am best at doing that and that’s why I enjoyed doing the most. Fashion is a very dynamic industry where art and commerce, design and culture, interrelated, integrated, at every level, it’s also a very paradoxical thing as well, like a lot of people say it’s just a dress, so it’s something that you can take very seriously or you can take it not so seriously at the same time. So for me I think I enjoyed very much the thinking and the creation process behind these paradoxes. And also helping people to find their way of expression and build up their confidence, that’s why I like to do!

Melinda Wong, Founder of Vein

C: What advice would you offer to any young woman wanting to pursue a career in fashion or start her own business?

S: To pursue a career in fashion, to me I think you need a lot of passion, tons of passion, patience and a lot of inner strength. Because fashion industry is no glamour in a lot of ways. It’s a lot of hard work and physical work, and also you need to invest a lot in yourself, in building up the knowledge, so to prove fashion is not skin-deep at all.  

To start your own business, definitely you need tons of passion and patience, and perseverance, and again a lot of inner strength. And I think most important of all is to have a financial partner to support you to make wise decisions in business.


C: What is your #ConsciusMoments? 

S: I would say 10 years ago, after working for a company for a long time, when I was taking a rest, I found that in Hong Kong we are lucky enough to have a lot of brands, international and local, and a lot of products, high-quality products, high-quality designs, but interestingly, there was not enough independent stores or multi-brand stores that could bring good style solutions to Hong Kong. So I was just wondering, if I would like to start something on my own, if there’s something meaningful that I can bring to Hong Kong, then I started to bring Scandinavian fashion to Hong Kong. That’s how I started my business. That’s an example of my #ConsciusMoments 10 years ago.

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