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Mindful Breathing Exercise

Mindful Breathing Exercise

When was the last time you did something to take care of yourself? Are you listening to what your body is telling you?

Would you spend 5-10 mins every day to connect with your inner self?

As you meditate, you may find that your mind wanders, distracted by thoughts or bodily sensations. When this happens, just acknowledge them, let them go, and then pick the breath back up and try to reconnect with your body.

Practising mindful breathing is a simple yet powerful way to shift the focus back to yourself.

You can do this while standing, but ideally you will be sitting or even lying in a comfortable position. It could be added into your daily skincare routine, before sleep, anytime, anywhere.  In a time where the boundaries between work and home life have disappeared, it is imperative that you take time off to recharge and spend a little time with yourself every day.

How to:

  1. Sit or lie flat in a relaxed and comfortable position
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Tune into the rhythm of your breath, feel the flow
  4. Inhale and exhale. One breath at a time. No need to rush or prolong your breath.
  5. Notice how your body feels and where you feel the breath most in your body. Bring your awareness to any part of your body that feels tense.
  6. You may start thinking about other things. If this happens, it is not a problem. Just try to notice that your mind has wandered and gently shift your attention right back to the breathing
  7. Last but not least, take a deep breath in and out, say thank you to yourself and open your eyes

Setting aside a few minutes for mindful breathing can make a big difference to your day. Regularly engaging in it can provide benefits such as a reduction in stress, increased calm and clarity, as well as the promotion of happiness. Don’t underestimate the power of this 5 to 10 minutes exercise.

Inhale, exhale and let go!

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