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About Us

Conceived as a community where knowledge and happiness are in free circulation, CONSCIUS is not a mere concept store that brings together the rarest and finest selections in the world of beauty, design and lifestyle goods - it is an avenue for us to share our thoughts and pleasure with each other.

“CONSCIUS”,/ˈ, an instrumental Latin word that means “aware”, “knowing” and “sharing knowledge”. The concept, considered within an everyday context, is simple and self-explanatory: it talks about the pursuit of genuine happiness through mind-body union in tune with Mother Nature, which boils down to a learning process in which we listen to our inner voice with a mindful attitude towards every minute aspect of our daily life.

About CONSCIUSAt the heart of the brand is our founding principle of ‘Ever excelling ourselves’. Our inspiration is born out of love for Mother Earth as we believe nature provides us with essentially everything we need to pursue and preserve beauty. CONSCIUS is a platform where kindred spirits come together to admire the beauty of nature from a curated range of artistically-crafted concoctions, meticulously-selected lifestyle goods, and exclusive all-natural luxuries, as part of the learnings that contribute to our conscience about the essence of happiness, which goes beyond material satisfaction to reach the spiritual sphere by inspiring emotional resonance.

The beauty products that we are proud to present are environmentally conscious, and of course, cruelty-free and with no harmful chemical substances that shine with sparkles of life. This is because we believe that true beauty never comes at the expense of others, animals and our planet. Beauty is as much an attitude as it is an ability – one that empowers us to choose the best for a conscious and fulfilling way of life.

As we are given generously nature’s bounty, it is important for us to be conscious of the harmonious whole of the universe. We are here to inspire, to enrich your wellbeing and to enrich your life.